Trio Healthcare

We at Trio Healthcare believe everyone has the right to healthy skin. That’s why everything we do is driven by the relentless pursuit of healthy peristomal skin. We invented Sil2 Breathable Silicone Technology™, so that the people who use our stoma care products, and prescribe them, can experience a world free from the daily challenge of red, sore skin.

Our new range of Genii™ skincare solutions is the worlds first silicone stoma range. The range includes Genii™ Ostomy Seals, Genii™ Flange Extenders and Genii™ Ostomy Bag which all use Sil2™ Technology for healthier stoma skin as standard. They have been designed to be virtually ‘invisible’ by incorporating a range of features that make them feel light, comfortable, and barely there.

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