Paediatric stoma and bowel managment Nurse specialist, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Claire has worked in the specialist field of paediatrics for over 30 years with 15 years’ experience in Paediatrics Stoma and Bowel Management.

She was awarded the Nursing times Continence Award in 2008 for work undertaken in developing a Paediatric Bowel Management programme.

Claire is an active committee member for the Paediatric Stoma Nurse Group UK working with the group to produce literature such as Stoma Care in schools And Nurseries that has been used nationally and internationally to support paediatric stoma care.

She has presented at national and international level and has worked with industry in the development of specialised Paediatric products and literature.

Over the last year she has been working with a group of 7 nurses in the Global Paediatric Stoma Nurse Advisory Board (GPANAB) to develop the Global best Practice Guidelines.