Psychosexual and Gender Therapist, RN; BSc (Hons) Colorectal Nursing; MSc Human Sexuality; Diploma Counselling; Diploma RZT

Sharon has been working in the field of Urology since 1978. Whilst a ward sister Sharon qualified as a stoma care nurse and now works as a Urinary Diversion CPF (Clinical Practice Facilitator) and Psychosexual and Gender therapist at UCLH. Her NHS role involves teaching nurses who are caring for individuals having bladder reconstructive surgery.

As a ward sister she became concerned that patients who were undergoing surgical procedures for gender issues, fertility and sexual function, received little or no counselling. This led her to train as a counselling therapist. She studied for her MSc in Human Sexuality. Sharon also works part time as a Gender and Psychosexual therapist in the NHS and the private sector.

Sharon is nurse advisor for the Urostomy Association and the Mitrofanoff Support. Also the Co- editor of Urological Nursing: 2nd and 3rd Editions.