ASCN UK Chairperson Award 2019
Dr Gabrielle Thorpe, Lecturer in Colorectal & Stoma Care Nursing, University of East Anglia

ASCN UK 2019 Overall Presentation Winner
Natasha Rolls,University Hospital Bristol Foundation Trust
O1 – ‘I’d rather die than have a bag’- challenging the stigma in 2019

ASCN UK 2018 Overall Presentation Highly Commended
Anita Ryan, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
O21 – What are stoma care patients views on attending a nurse led granuloma clinic, that uses curette and cautery to treat their granuloma.

ASCN UK Award for Most Impactful Poster Winner
Frances Woodhouse, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
P-15 The ACE Procedure. An Information Poster

ASCN UK Award for Most Impactful Poster Highly Commended
Moira Evans, CliniMed Limited
P-6 Balancing stoma complexities with pouch convexity – a review of one patient’s journey through peristomal skin complication management

New Presenters Award 2019 Winner (Supported by Coloplast)
Ambra Bertinara, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
O8 – Colostomy Irrigation – What is the real impact on Quality of Life?

Winner of Stoma Care Nurse of the Year Award 2018 (Supported by SALTS)
Amanda Smith, Salford Royal

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